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For more information about Richfield Regency's wedding venues, catering menus, off-site catering and other banquet services in NJ, please complete the form on the right or call Richfield Regency at 973-239-6234.

Richfield Regency

420 Bloomfield Ave.
Verona, NJ 07044
Phone: (973) 239-6234
Email: richfieldr@aol.com

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About the Richfield Regency

The Richfield Regency is located in Verona, a quaint suburb of Northern New Jersey. Our wedding venue in NJ sits just across the street from the picturesque Verona Park. Its charming waterfall and stone bridge offer a perfect backdrop for events and photographs.

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Special Promotions

Free Viennese table (valued at $8 per person) for any bride that books within one-week of her first visit to our venue.

Special Spring & Summer Prices Available For 2022 Weddings.

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Event Venue Price Quote NJ