Holiday Party Venue Cedar Grove, NJ

Holiday Party Venue in Cedar Grove, NJ

Your special day will be unsurpassed at Richfield Regency.

Are you looking for a holiday party venue in Cedar Grove, NJ? At the Richfield Regency, our elegant banquet hall provides a beautiful backdrop for your corporate or office holiday party. For many years we have served world-class cuisine with exceptional service. Our staff dedicated to the enjoyment of you and your office during a night of celebration. Our holiday party venue in Cedar Grove, NJ combines a beautiful, local location, tailored menus to whet your palette, and large space to accommodate your entire team for office celebrations. Our large dancefloor can get even the quietest person in your office up on their feet.

Tis the season to party! In our banquet hall, you’ll find a wonderful setting to give thanks to your employees or team this holiday season for all of their hard, dedicated work. With our wide-ranging menu options, you’ll surely find a bite to eat for every picky eater. From our Peking Duck, mashed potato, or meat carving cocktail stations to our fine selection of entrees, you’ll fight the urge to leave your table in anticipation of the next course – but trust us, your DJ combined with our mood lighting and bar options, from pay to open, can turn your seasonal party into a nightclub in no time!

After you’ve enjoyed your holiday dinner with us, we offer yet more dessert selections either beautifully presented at your tables or, if you’d like, presented to the entire party at once on our famous Viennese dessert table stations. Get ready for pies, crèmes, cakes, puddings, cookies, a chocolate fountain, and other delicacies prepared just for you! If you didn’t feel like dancing before, you might find yourself dancing for joy after taking a look at these incredible dessert options.

At our holiday party venue in Cedar Grove, NJ we provide an elegant environment for your celebration, for events including:

  • Christmas party venue in Cedar Grove, NJ
  • Hanukkah party venue in Cedar Grove, NJ
  • Xmas party venue in Cedar Grove, NJ
  • Kwanzaa party venue in Cedar Grove, NJ
  • New Years party venue in Cedar Grove, NJ

When you come to the Richfield Regency, you can expect professional, attentive service and delicious food from the moment you enter until the last dance of the evening. Our holiday party venue in Cedar Grove, NJ provides the building, food, and service necessary to create a truly memorable night – we’re just missing you!

For more information about our holiday party venue in Cedar Grove, NJ, call the Richfield Regency today at 973-239-6234.

Full Vegetarian Menus available, please inquire.

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Holiday Party Venue Cedar Grove, NJ