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About Richfield Regency

Richfield Regency is located in Verona, a quaint suburb of Northern New Jersey. Our wedding hall in North NJ sits just across the street from the picturesque Verona Park. Its charming waterfall and stone bridge offer a perfect backdrop for wedding photographs.

As catering professionals, our staff will customize your affair to create memorable moments that will last a lifetime. Richfield Regency offers a vast array of catering packages tailor-made to fit a wide range of budgets. Kosher catering and off-premise catering in Northern NJ is also available.

Upon arrival, your guests will begin to experience the ambiance of tastefully appointed surroundings and the hospitable services offered by Richfield Regency's highly skilled and attentive staff. Next, your guests will delight in the selection you have made from Richfield Regency's ample menus featuring continental cuisine unparalleled by any other catering company in North NJ.

Our attention to detail is evident in our wedding hall in North NJ, from the exquisitely decorated chapel and bridal rooms to the finest china and linens used for your reception.

"You just wouldn't believe the party we went to last week, the food was incredible, the service was fabulous and the place was magnificent!" This comment and many others are as abundant as the food we provide at the Richfield Regency party venue in North NJ. While the sheer weight of praise may come as a surprise to some, it doesn't to us.

Testimonials - The Richfield Regency takes great pride in the wonderful comments we receive from our guests. To view a sampling of our letters, please click here.